the black lodge
Please Read
(if you wish to solve this we suggest reading everything)

A few words of warning before you start your adventure. First off, this game is a bit different from our other games. There is no ramping up of difficulty as you proceed through this game. You may get hit with a really difficult level followed up by one that is quite easy, and vice versa. It all depends on your knowledge of what we throw at you. What's easy for some is not always easy for others.

Second, not all levels are related to Twin Peaks, or have Twin Peaks images or sounds. We just wanted to start this game off differently, and kind of see where it took us.

Third, be sure to have your sound on (and up) if you have it. We decided to throw in some odd little bits of music and what-not to make the game a little more interesting. The song clips have nothing to do with the ability to solve the puzzles. Just felt like adding them in for the hell of it mostly. Some of the clips are my own creations, see if you can figure out which ones.

Fourth, and probably most important; I highly suggest using Firefox (I put in a link for you to download it in case you don't have it. Ain't I a nice guy? Yes, yes I am... ahem...) for this game (even though I used styles that are not noticeable in that particular browser. Oh well, too late to go back and change it all now). The reason being is that IE (Internet Explorer) constantly prevents the sound from loading properly. Sometimes the sound loads, sometimes it doesn't (thank you Mr. Gates for that craptacular browser. Without your efforts to constantly put out crappy browsers (yes, even 7 sucks ass) products like Firefox, and many others, would have never come into being, thanks again. Seriously, I'm not joking about that.)

Anyway, just use Firefox or something similar. Hell, use Opera, I don't care. If you have to use IE; on behalf of the Omnipotent Brotherhood of Intarwebnet Wolverines: Lodge #357 Charter Member #45, I apologize. No, seriously I feel bad for those of you using IE, even if it is out of choice.

Now, on to the rest of the disclaimers...

If you are unfamiliar with these types of games you can find all the info you'll need (and then some) at our games site.

If you need any assistance you should check lazylaces, or nordinho.

If you know what you're doing you can go ahead and get started by clicking the big link below.

Good luck.


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another one of the few behind it all ----> kami

and yet, another one of the few behind it all ----> dan

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